The Big Spring YoGift Walk – Sunday April 16th 2023

Our epic Spring walk from Huddersfield to Manchester raised almost £2,000 to help India fight child poverty.

The Yorkshire weather was fairly kind to us as we made an early start from Huddersfield along the canal to Marsden, over the ‘tops’ to Diggle, then made our way along the canal to Uppermill, continuing on to Stalybridge and then passing the Etihad into Manchester.  25 miles and 12 hours!!!
All monies raised have gone straight to our grassroots partner in India, Harmony House. Located just outside Delhi, Harmony House is a day centre for street children. It is made up of two shelters supporting over 1000 children every day, covering education, nutrition, healthcare, vocational training, wellbeing and planning and placement for employment and careers.

YoGift is a new charity started in 2021 to raise money to help India fight child poverty.

YoGift was set up to link yoga with its roots in India in a tangible way and to help communities in their fight against child poverty. Our motivation is rooted in giving back to the country that gives us so much through yoga and meditation.

YoGift connects people through yoga, wellbeing and fitness, coming together to raise funds and give back.

For more information and to find out how you can join us ,contact us!